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What is an Auto broker?

An automotive broker is the professional (hired by you) who assists you in the process of buying a car. The auto broker researches, negotiates and obtains the desired vehicle on behalf of the consumer.

A broker will take you along for test drives to make sure you’re comfortable with the handling and ride of the car, and he or she can even help you sell your existing vehicle.

An auto broker uses his/her extensive knowledge of, and contacts within, the retail automotive industry to represent buyers throughout the car purchasing or leasing process. They work on behalf of the buyer’s best interests, not the auto dealership, and can typically acquire any make or model of vehicle.

Advantages of using an Auto Broker.

You do not have to worry about traveling from dealership to dealership to find your perfect vehicle.

You save time as the auto broker will manage the car buying process on your behalf.

You will not have the hassle and stress of negotiating since the auto broker will do the negotiating and get you the best possible deal.

If you are looking for an exotic vehicle, an experienced broker can assist

Auto brokers know the market and industry and provide convenience and peace of mind

Difference between Auto broker and auto dealer- Automotive dealers are the salespersons you will find at various car dealerships. They are the ones who greet you and show you around, while also describing the specifications and prices of each vehicle.

An auto broker will manage the entire process of buying a car on your behalf whereas auto dealers will just guide you to the car of your interest as you deal with them directly.

Does it cost me more to use a broker than dealing directly with a dealership?

Absolutely not! Malcolm Hirsh has grown to be a preeminent auto broker because his process and objectivity adds value to the customer experience. Clients appreciate and value that he saves them time, aggravation, and money when purchasing/leasing a vehicle. The sales volume allows auto brokers to acquire and sell vehicles at or below market pricing. An auto broker can also leverage their clout to provide clients with incentives/discounts typically not available to the general public. Auto brokers do not add Dealer Handling charges as do dealerships- an immediate savings of $500-$700.

Does an Auto broker offer leasing/financing rates? Yes, our access to money is second to none. We can competitively finance/lease deals- with good or poor credit.

Can an auto broker help me sell/trade my current vehicle?

Yes. Our process is very different from dealerships in that we’ll assess your vehicle and then seek competitive, multiple bids from selective wholesalers. This competitive process allows you to get real time marketplace pricing.

If I purchase/lease a vehicle through an auto broker, does it impact my warranty?

No, there is no impact on your manufacturers’ warranty. The warranty follows the car, not the seller.

Should I use a broker only when I know what I want?

No. To help you evaluate different makes and models- a broker can have various vehicles delivered to one location- at your convenience for you to see, drive and compare without any sales pressure. Once you’ve finalized your decision- the broker will go into the market to locate and secure the vehicle for you.